Ingegno, Your Company Specialized in Business Intelligence, Innovation Strategy and Agile Project Management

For businesses to better address the challenges and to make them more competitive, it is essential for them to adapt to new trends by applying innovative and profitable strategies. Specialized in innovation in Montreal, Ingegno offers its services to large-sized companies, SMEs and start-ups that want to make informed decisions while reducing risks and costs. With over 10 years of experience, Ingegno stands out for its know-how, for its firm interest in trends and emerging technologies and for its well-honed expertise in this field. Your business will be ready to embrace innovation and apply cost-effective technologies, including artificial intelligence, all this thanks to data!

Tailor-made Support for Innovation

Ingegno supports companies in the construction, healthcare and telecommunications sectors in their business and innovation strategy. Serves the area of Montreal, Quebec, but also in North America and Europe, Ingegno brings expertise, know-how and knowledge to companies. Ingegno provides you support through these three services:

Explore and analyze your data for the purpose of implementing an artificial intelligence strategy within your organization. Your data is valuable and essential to building your business strategy.
Adapt to changes and prepare for unexpected events when developing a project using Agile methodology. Separate your projects in sequence to improve the customer experience and to optimize delivery times while reducing project-related costs.
Innovate to set yourself apart from the competition while adopting successful strategies that focus on continuous improvement. Develop new business opportunities through open innovation.

Ingegno, an Experienced Partner on the Lookout for the Latest Trends

Highly knowledgeable about the market and technological innovations, Ingegno supports companies wishing to innovate by providing with relevant and profitable strategies. While reducing your risks and expenses, Ingegno acts as a counsellor or a partner in the realization of your projects related to innovations. With Ingegno, your business benefits from:

10 Years of Experience in the Field
The Ingegno team is composed of professionals with master’s and doctorate degrees. Members have many skills and knowledge to pass on to companies wishing to make more informed decisions and to put innovation at the forefront of their priorities.

Enhanced Knowledge of Trends

Ingegno team conducts a permanent technology watch to stay abreast of the latest trends. As a result, your company will dramatically outsell the competition, while applying very innovative strategies.

Preliminary Pre-Artificial Intelligence Preparation

Ingegno prepares your organization for the arrival of artificial intelligence for optimal results, a service that only a few companies offer! Get ahead of the competition with Ingegno experts!

Get Insightful Strategic Advice with Ingegno

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