Ingegno, Your Partner Specialized in Business Intelligence, Innovation and Agile Project Management in Montreal

With more than 10 years of experience, Ingegno assists Montreal and international companies in their continuous improvement and innovation. Ingegno’s services aim at making companies more flexible, more creative as well as more innovative, so they are ready to face new challenges and to adapt to changes. Ingegno shakes up your current business models to make room for informed decision-making and cost-effective strategies. Launch of artificial intelligence, data mining, machine learning, Agile methodology or open innovation, all these strategies have one single goal: to make your business more efficient while reducing expenses.

Adopt Technologies and Apply Leading-Edge Strategies to Mitigate Risks

In an increasingly competitive and connected professional world, changes can be tough. To reduce the risks associated with your business decisions, Ingegno assists you in implementing new strategies related to innovation and to the latest trends. To this end, Ingegno offers three services:

Discover the role of business intelligence within your organization through data and technology architecture, data governance, and data quality evaluation.
Get first-hand knowledge to apply data science and artificial intelligence concepts in your day-to-day operations to improve your business’ overall performance.
Set your business up for success with machine-learning, predictive and prescriptive analytics, and all the tools you need to reach your business objectives.

“Transform your business with innovative trends, thanks to the power of data!”

Innovate to Become a More Efficient, Competitive and Profitable Company

Ingegno understands the reality of both small and large-sized businesses, the challenges they face and the decisions that need to be made. Constantly struggling between the importance of customer satisfaction, technological changes and cost concerns, companies have a hard time searching for a profitable strategy with little risk. This is why Ingegno works on-site or as a consultant with proven expertise in the field. By choosing Ingegno, you benefit from:

Customized Support
Few companies offer pre-arrival preparation services for artificial intelligence. This fully customized assistance service is a real asset for your company in terms of planning and finding strategies adapted to your reality.
Proven Expertise
For over 10 years, team members of Ingegno, with master’s and doctorate degrees, help companies embrace innovation within their organization. Ingegno aims to contribute to the success of companies, so it makes every effort to bring professionalism, skills, and know-how into your projects.
Team at the Heart of Technological Trends
In the digital era in which there are constant innovations, it is more than important to be on the lookout for new trends and for the latest technologies to enable your company to be proactive in all times. Ingegno helps you react quickly to changes.

Collaborate with A Team of Experts That Cares About the Success of Your Business

Are you looking for a company specialized in business intelligence, Agile project management or innovation strategy in Montreal, Quebec, North America or Europe? If so, call Ingegno today at (438) 771-4688.