The importance of being agile in artificial intelligence projects

Today, all sectors of activity from health to digital marketing to construction are affected by artificial intelligence. The latter is disrupting industries by redefining traditional models and improving many aspects through the power of collected data. At the same time, Agile project management also takes a considerable place among companies that wish to highlight flexibility, cooperation, adaptation and efficiency during a project. What if agility and artificial intelligence were linked? What are the benefits?

Why is artificial intelligence important?

Artificial intelligence is affecting many industries by allowing machines to replicate human intelligence to perform multiple tasks.

Artificial intelligence is important for various reasons:


  • It simplifies everyday life. Everything becomes connected thanks to AI. Home automation, intelligent personal assistants, autonomous vehicles, navigation applications or even search engines, artificial intelligence is present everywhere and improves.
  • It’s transforming industries. AI increases productivity, efficiency and profitability. It creates new business opportunities, improves products and services, encourages technology and promotes innovation. It also significantly reduces costs.
  • It makes concrete improvements. AI is measurable. With improved workflows, repetitive daily tasks and processes, it is possible for a company to know its return on investment, but above all to achieve great savings.

Why is agility important?

Agile project management aims to simplify the workflow process, as does artificial intelligence. Putting collaborative culture first, an Agile methodology takes a prominent place in companies to improve and optimize project management.

Agility is important because:


  • It improves satisfaction. Both customers and employees enjoy greater satisfaction. Employees are happy to collaborate as a team and move forward on a project together. As for customers, they benefit from a better final product through various exchanges and iterations.
  • It advocates cooperation and human beings. Highlighting the human, the Agile methodology empowers each member of the team and creates a beneficial commitment to their productivity. With organized and collaborative teamwork, efficiency is optimal!
  • It is aimed at proactivity. Agility allows you to adapt quickly to changes and unforeseen events, while promoting proactivity in the face of problems, thus reducing the risk of failure during a project.
  • It reduces errors and delays. Iterative and incremental, agility allows you to gain speed and efficiency in submitting a final product without errors with reduced costs and reduced time frames.

Agility and artificial intelligence, a successful marriage?

Artificial intelligence projects are large-scale projects that involve high costs and enable productive, effective and cost-effective technological change. AI projects require good organization, and above all a project methodology that promotes time reduction, efficiency and success.

 The Agile methodology is important for optimizing the implementation ofAI projects, because:  

  • You are on time and on budget;
  • You encourage collaboration;
  • You anticipate mistakes, obstacles and unforeseen events;
  • You increase the quality and reliability of the project.

Optimizing the completion of a project is an indispensable goal. It is important to be agile in an artificial intelligence project to enable the best possible deployment, while delivering an optimal product or service.

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