Improve Your Customer Experience with Agile Project Management in Montreal

Ingegno offers an agile project management support service for large-sized companies, SMEs and start-ups. In traditional approaches (“waterfall”), project management is planned before starting the project and leaves little room for unforeseen events. Each delay will affect the delivery date of the project, which may lead to unhappy customers and employees. Unlike traditional approaches, the Agile methodology is much more flexible. Make all your business projects profitable by calling Ingegno!

Transform All Your Projects with The Agile Methodology

Traditional methods are no longer sufficiently effective and above all they do not adapt to any change during the process. With the Agile methodology, each project is divided into several sequences each having specific target to achieve. At the end of each sequence, it will be easier to perform the following actions: observation, correction / optimization and launch of the new sequence.

Agile project management aims to:

Improve customer experience and satisfaction
Adapt to changes and be responsive while reducing the risk of failure
Cooperate between employees and with customers
Reduce documentation to implement operational software
Reduce project delivery times

Highlighting individuals during a project will be beneficial for team cohesion and for the success of your business project.

With Ingegno, your company and your team will benefit from a customized support through the implementation of an efficient and profitable Agile methodology!

Reduce Your Expenses and Focus on Your Clients’ Key Values

Ingegno comes to your company, either SMEs or start-ups, to implement a relevant Agile methodology to help you carry out successful projects. To this end, Ingegno offers support services with:

Agile Coach

A true pillar in the transformation of your business towards agility, the Agile Coach assists your organization as a trainer, a facilitator, a counsellor, and also a mentor. Ingegno’s Agile Coach is a resourceful person for company executives, for employees, as well as for the scrum master and the product owner in the decision-making process.

Scrum Master

The cornerstone of your team, the scrum master answers questions, animates meetings, facilitates dialogue and works on the continuous improvement of the Agile methodology within your organization. A good communicator with genuine teaching skills, the scrum master manages the potential conflicts occurring during a project.

Product Owner

Playing a key role in the application of the Agile methodology, the product owner is in charge of defining the product that will bring the best added-value to employees during the project while meeting the deadlines and the budget.

With this team, Ingegno has only four well-defined goals:

  • Implement and optimize Agile project management within your organization
  • Prioritize key customer values to enhance the customer experience
  • Reduce your company’s project-related costs
  • Improve the project management process (apply continuous improvements for 4-6 months instead of one year for traditional project management)

Agile project management applied by Ingegno will make all your business projects more profitable by remarkably enhancing its responsiveness to changes!

Ingegno also offers companies advice on business intelligence, as well as on innovation strategy management.

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