Build an Innovation Strategy in Montreal for Your SME with Ingegno

Innovation lies at the heart of all the business challenges, which is why Ingegno supports organizations in their search for new opportunities that bring creativity, collaboration, and profit. With a well-designed innovation strategy, your company stands out from the competition, while focusing on continuous improvement. Ingegno advocates open innovation that aims to gather and to combine the strengths of several key players in the company’s ecosystem in order to innovate and to increase profits. Building an innovation strategy is essential to the success of the company!

Innovation, an Outstanding and Profitable Strategic Pillar

In a competitive and technological world, growing your business is becoming more complex. Innovation enables us to react effectively to changes in the market, the competition or the customers. The generation of new ideas within your company will:

Improve research and development
Improve the performance of your services and products
Stand out from competition
Apply creative solutions
Boost the growth of the company
Generate more income

To assist you through the innovation process, Ingegno acts as a counsellor for your company to identify your needs and the stakes of your market, and offers you efficient and profitable innovation ideas. Interested in speeding up your innovation process, Ingegno’s experts find new business opportunities and make innovation a top priority in order to obtain measurable and beneficial results.

Open Innovation: Find New Business Opportunities, Collaborate and Innovate Together

Generally, companies want to innovate within the company, which comes with its share of successes and failures in order to preserve their intellectual property. Open innovation goes against this idea; the sharing, participation and development of innovations should take place in teams, both with internal and external parties. The goal of open innovation is to involve in your innovation process several players in your company’s ecosystem (customers, partners, suppliers, competitors, etc.) and to focus on the sharing of knowledge, expertise, technologies and resources. Open innovation helps to combine everyone’s strengths to come up with a common success in innovation. To this end, Ingegno manage your open innovation challenge by:

Looking for new opportunities
By studying your ecosystem, Ingegno is able to find external partners with common business goals. Hence, they can provide useful resources to carry out a project and above all, they should want to achieve a profitable innovation together.

Creating synergies

Ingegno wants to combine the strengths of your company with those of reliable partners to maximize value creation, as well as the transfer of skills to implement collaborative innovation strategies.


Implementing innovative projects will allow your company to be more creative, to stand out from the competition, while remaining ready to face all the technological challenges of the market.

At Ingegno, you have a team with over 10 years of experience in this field, including doctorates in innovation management. With valuable advice and collaborative, cost-effective innovation strategies, your business will be able to cope with changes while remaining attentive to upcoming ones.

Let Ingegno Help You Propel Your Innovation Projects Forward

Getting support to overcome the innovation challenges will be a real asset for companies. Focusing on collaboration and creativity, innovations can only be beneficial for your business, while ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. To benefit from effective innovation management, contact Ingegno now at (438) 771-4688.