Artificial intelligence
in the construction industry

In recent years, new technologies have shaken up businesses. They have encouraged companies to rethink the way they work and to take into account the emergence of artificial intelligence. The construction industry is not spared, of course. Industry giants like small entrepreneurs, all can include artificial intelligence in their daily lives to increase productivity, efficiency, but also safety on construction sites. All new technologies are able to significantly transform the construction industry over the next few years. In this article, Ingegno presents some major changes in construction through digitalization, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

Why should construction companies include artificial intelligence in their daily lives?

A fast-growing sector and a true economic engine, construction is an ever-evolving field that is likely to experience major changes in the coming years. Despite the Internet of Things and the digitalization of businesses, construction remains a sector with a low innovation rate that suffers from low productivity, as well as fatal accidents. Including artificial intelligence in the daily lives of construction companies, whether an industry giant or a plumber, will increase efficiency, productivity and safety.

Artificial intelligence collects and analyzes data, as well as allowing the automation of processes and machines.  With the proper application of artificial intelligence in construction companies, construction costs could be reduced by up to 20% by limiting costly errors, reducing accidents on construction sites and increasing the efficiency of work.

What are the applications of artificial intelligence in construction?

Artificial intelligence makes construction more intelligent by analyzing multiple data. For  example, it allows the following applications:  

  • Reducing risk by knowing risk factors and priorities in advance. Artificial intelligence is able to prioritize automatically and identify potential risk factors that could interfere with the smooth running of work and construction sites. This allows site managers to better manage the various stakeholders on a site, while mitigating risks.
  • Project planning including delays and extra costs. Using trial and error-based algorithms, all project progress will be identified, while reporting problems causing delays quickly. This will allow managers to quickly solve problems and reduce delays on construction sites.
  • A productivity gain with autonomous construction equipment. To limit repetitive tasks and to increase productivity, artificial intelligence allows to have an autonomous machinery with various features and defined by a human programmer (pouring concrete, welding, demolishing, preparing a construction site, etc.).
  • Assessing the risk level of a project. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to reduce fatal workplace accidents. With an algorithm based on an analysis of site photos, it is able to identify sources of danger and assess the level of risk of a project.  For example, if an employee is not wearing a helmet or safety vest, it will be possible to determine the non-compliance with the wearing of safety equipment and safety instructions, while reporting the case to the supervisor concerned.

What is BIM and its impact in construction?

The BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an effective innovation that involves sharing reliable and complete information throughout a construction project, from design to demolition. In the form of a structured 3D digital model, the BIM allows analysis, simulations, controls and visualizations to be carried out in collaboration with all stakeholders on the same project. In addition, BIM provides real-time data to control costs, detect problems and improve construction quality.

This innovation applies to all construction disciplines (plumbing, ventilation, electricity, engineering, etc.) to plan and design the construction of a building at best.

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