How is artificial intelligence transforming digital marketing?

Artificial intelligence is transforming many industries, from construction to healthcare to digital marketing. Today, companies working in digital marketing must offer a unique and personalized customer experience, take advantage of the data collected on their customers, but also to design new products. With artificial intelligence, digital marketing is at the heart of new technologies by optimizing its processes and resources for better profitability. Find out in this article how AI is transforming digital marketing!

The benefits of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

In marketing, the power of data is powerful and allows to know discover valuable information about customers. By properly leveraging its data through artificial intelligence, digital marketing companies will benefit from:

  • Know their customers: their tastes, their buying intentions, their customer journey
  • Segmenting customers to better target marketing actions
  • Offer a personalized user experience
  • Develop products or services based on real customer needs
  • Create unique and relevant content
  • Submit tailored recommendations
  • Save time for complex tasks by optimizing simple, repetitive tasks
  • Increase business revenues by having a better return on investment

Thanks to artificial intelligence, companies will be able to better define the needs of customers by knowing their intentions and emotions throughout the buying process to offer them an optimal user experience.

This will allow real-time data to be fully exploited by artificial intelligence.

AI’s applications for digital marketing

In digital marketing, artificial intelligence applications are plentiful to optimize processes and resources, while improving products and customer service.

AI applies in the following situations:

  • Content generation. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to create personalized, relevant and unique content based on each customer. In addition, this content will be accessible to the right people, at the right time and on the right platform, which allows you to fully optimize the delivery of your content and the engagement of your customers.
  • Email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a very useful marketing tool to promote its products and services. With artificial intelligence, it is possible to schedule the sending of emails according to the customer’s journey in his purchase process. When the customer is more motivated to buy, the email will also be present!
  • Targeted advertising campaigns. Artificial intelligence has the power to target the right people based on their personal interests. Thanks to this, companies will be able to customize their advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook according to several criteria (demographic, geographical, interest, etc.) to have ads with a better return on investment.
  • Product recommendations. When customers shop online, they often find themselves faced with suggestions for products tailored to their research, budget or interests. With the data collected on the user’s navigation, AI puts forward on the website personalized suggestions 100% adapted to the interests of the buyer.
  • Search engine optimization. When searching Google, the user wants to get the information they search for quickly in the first search results. Thanks to Google’s increasingly intelligent algorithm, the user’s intention is known and allows the most relevant results to be placed in the top search positions.
  • The chatbots. Accessible 24/7, chatbots are particularly useful for companies that wish to remain available to their customers, without a human presence. Chatbots work with automating the most frequently asked questions by customers and creating personalized responses. The goal is to establish a conversation with customers and establish a lasting presence.
  • The in-depth knowledge of its customers. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence allows you to know precisely the tastes, interests and habits of your customers in order to optimize each of the marketing actions and to obtain a better return on investment.

When should your digital company use artificial intelligence?

Today! The sooner you use the power of your data, the faster you can increase your revenue. Of course, you are strongly advised to be accompanied by a company specializing in artificial intelligence in Montreal to advise you, to guide you to the best decisions and to help you in all the strategies to be put in place.

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