Everything you need to know about natural language processing

In the age of artificial intelligence, where humans collaborate with robots, the processing of natural language is essential to the understanding of human language by machines. With the processing of natural language, machines are able to read, understand, analyze and make sense of human language. Whether in the field of health, translation or education, natural language processing is becoming more and more essential and investments are increasingly substantial. In this article, Ingegno presents what natural language processing, its utility, its applications, and Ingegno’s contribution during COVID-19.

What is natural language processing?

Natural language processing involves understanding human language through machines with artificial intelligence. Indeed, it is now possible for a computer program to interpret and give meaning to human language. Automatically, the computer can identify and extract themes from textual documents to better classify them and thus recommend optimal documents and trends.

A large data set is analyzed to create relevant correlations and to fully understand the speaker’s intent. This allows a machine to understand and give meaning to human language.

Deep learning is an intuitive and flexible approach that converts data related to unstructured language into a comprehensive form for data, not just searching for words in a text and giving answers without context.

Topic Modelling (TM) is an approach that finds information from textual content and categorizes it as themes. The themes are thus very important in relation to words.

What is the use of natural language processing?

Thanks to natural language processing, voice recognition software is being developed and able to analyze and transform the human voice into text. This form of artificial intelligence already applies in many sectors of activity including teaching, translation, personal assistance of technological devices, medicine, etc.

The treatment of natural language avoids the double meaning of sentences and words to ensure that they understand, but also to place that language in the right context.

A true technological advance, natural language processing transforms and innovates industries thanks to the quality of the data obtained.

What are the applications of natural language processing?

The applications of natural language processing are varied and impact many areas, including:


The transcript of opinions. With the processing of natural language, it is possible to group opinions, classify them into positive or negative opinions, and link them with specific events. Through this, the government can improve its services and companies can improve their products.


The transcript of the meetings. Traditionally, all meetings are important and it is necessary to take notes or have a designated person to extract the information to be retained. With the processing of natural language, it became possible to obtain a document containing topics from the meeting and summaries of the vocal transcripts.


Feelings. With the emergence of the web, Internet users share their feelings through online blogs, forums, social media, etc. With the processing of natural language, it is possible to extract feelings and opinions according to the subjects to obtain an analysis of feelings.


Conversational agents. Conversations between humans and robots are becoming more frequent, especially for companies with customer service. To create a relevant and coherent dialogue, the treatment of natural language is based on a variety of questions categorized by subjects to also determine the intention of the human.


Health care. Thanks to the treatment of natural language, it is possible to obtain a new approach to medicine that is more personalized, especially according to demographic data. Indeed, thanks to the evaluations left on the web by Internet users on drugs, it is possible to generate information and profiles of symptoms according to age and sex in relation to a drug.

What does Ingegno do to help in COVID-19?

Ingegno is an artificial intelligence company that supports companies in adapting to change, making decisions and developing their innovation strategies. The goal is to make companies more creative, innovative and profitable through artificial intelligence, Agile methodology, machine learning, data mining and more.

At a time when coronavirus is at the heart of scientific research, Ingegno contributes to this research through the treatment of natural language.

Through the open database “CORD-19,”   Ingegno is able to explore published scientific papers in order to quickly extract the latest trends in scientific research on COVID-19 and share it all with the scientific community.

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